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Sweetest Knights

The Challenge

Kim and Chad at Sweetest Knights have a great business. They make and sell delicious fudge with a percentage of proceeds going to charities that sign up to share their profits. They needed a site that allowed charities to sell fudge and collect the proceeds.

The Solution

We created a mobile friendly site that showcases the amazing work Sweetest Knights does. The site allows visitors to buy fudge and select the charity they would like to benefit from the sale. A back-end system allows Kim to then see who has ordered and send out the goodies.

Online Site Boosted Sales

Mobile Refresh

The site in mobile friendly to make sure the business is not penalized by Google. The charities involved can also forward people to the site to buy easily.

Built From Scratch

We took the existing branding and added some flair to give Sweetest Knights a fun and tasty looking site that works. We love what this company is about.

  • Mobile Sales 40%
  • Website Traffic 100%
  • Conversion Rate 22%
  • Email Subscribers 32%

The Results Are In

The site is live and sales are up. Take a look at the charities that Sweetest Knights supports and make a purchase to see how their e-commerce platform allows you to select a charity of your choice. We love the fudge and we love that they are selling to help others.

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