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Writing for a Strong Business

smart writingWriting is everything in marketing. From magazine ads to radio spots to television commercials and blogs, you absolutely need strong writing. It has to be smart, informed and brief. It uses the right words at the right time. It makes an impact and it leaves you thinking.

According to TIME Magazine, “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, manager or an employee aspiring to any of those positions, you need to know how to write effectively for business.” Experts on social media platform LinkedIn know social media is an important part of that, but you have to take it to the next level: “Sharing a bite-sized piece of content is great, but 140 characters doesn’t allow for much insight.”

So does your marketing have strong writing behind it? Does it grab your customer’s attention? Is it interesting? Does it tell them what they want to know? Does it help them make a decision?

In the age of internet marketing, with keywords and search engine optimization and social media and native advertising, Trophco will take you to the next level. Using data driven analysis and command of language, we provide the one service no business can be without.

Simple. Elegant. Effective. Writing.

Here are just a few of the ways Trophco helps you grasp the power of words.


A useful, consistent blog can make your brand a trustworthy source for clients and customers. Social media giant Hubspot spells it out: Every blog post drives traffic to your website, converts website traffic into leads, establishes trust, and produces results. Using keyword research and best practices for online copy, Trophco can make a blog a powerful tool for your online marketing.

Press Releases

The press release may seem like an old school way of getting the word out, but the truth is it’s more effective than ever. It’s a mass marketing strategy that helps companies generate thousands of impressions in hundreds of trusted news sources from Yahoo! News to ABC News to Huffington Post and beyond.

Advertising Copy

Whether it’s an ad in this Sunday’s newspaper, a graphic for your latest event poster, or your own website’s copy, it’s important to make sure every word counts. We leverage strategies like Search Engine Optimization to ensure your website is found by the people you want to reach.

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